Enhance your productivity
during your commute

Enhance your productivity

Commutivity allows you to kickstart your day. Based on tried and tested productivity frameworks, it optimises your commuting time and allows you to manage your calendar, to-do list, memos and e-mails all in the same place.

Use during your commute - safely

Commutivity has an interface that is tailored for safe, in-car use. This interface uses audio and voice to interact, allowing you to keep full control over your car. Alternatively, Commutivity also has a touch interface for other types commutes.

Close your day

After a long day, you can use Commutivity to wrap up your working day and ensure that you don't have to grab your laptop once you get home. If needed, you can record memos and defer tasks for the following day.

  • Integrate with your apps
  • Set Memos
  • Prioritise Tasks
  • Manage Calendar
  • Manage Important E-mails

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Commutivity is a premium app meant for corporate use. Private customers can try a free version of the application here.

Name Description Price
Free demo A free, basic version of the app for demonstration purposes Free!
Corporate Commutivity for all your employees €8/mo per employee